My System

Here is a look at how I “grade” albums. I don’t always use the rubric and I have changed it a couple of times since I started using it a year and a half ago. It’s definitely not anything scientific or completely universal but it sorta helps me organize my work for readers. 

A. 80 percent or above.

B. 80 to 70 percent.

C. 70 to 60 percent.

D. 60 to 50 percent.

F. 50 percent or below.

What I’m looking for. Score (0 to 10) Examples of Scoring.
Innovation 4 10- Creates entire genre.

8- Creates a new niche or sub-genre.

6- Pushes current genres limits.

4- Pushes their own limits.

2- Little change.

Uniqueness (of either artist or album) 8 10- Never before seen (has influences still).

8- More than three unique qualities including sound, person, story, ect.

6- Two unique qualities.

4- One unique quality.

2- Lowest possible score because everyone is unique. :^)

Songwriting 8
Lyrics 9
Production 8 10- Perfect Balance.

5- Over-produced more than not (or even under produced).

0- Sounds unexplainable in how horrible it is.

Theme 9 10- Powerful theme throughout.

5- Theme exists but kinda sucks.

0- No theme or organization what-so-ever.

Length/Flow 9 10- Songs reinforce each other, the album isn’t hard to listen to, and the transitions are smooth/appropriate.

5- Two of the things listed before.

0- None of these things.

Talent 6
Personal Enjoyment 10 10- Peak enjoyment.

5- Indifferent.

1- Couldn’t hate the album more.

78 percent 71 90 max



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