Smarter Playlists: Curating Your Spotify

Every time a new year rolls around, I look forward to Spotify’s “Your Top Songs of Whatever Year.” I have my pet artists I can listen to everyday and having all of my favorite songs in one place is a real treat. It never made sense to me why Spotify didn’t have a simple way to track your listening like this Top Songs playlist did. They obviously keep track of these statistics around so why don’t we have access?

Well, Smarter Playlists doesn’t give you those statistics but it does give you tools to make these playlists and download them directly on your account. Just like “Boil the Frog,” this program was made by Spotify Programmer Paul Lamere and it’s a program made specifically for non-programmers. The commands are separated into different components neatly coming together into a circuit of awesomeness.

It’s all fairly simple and you can import circuits other users have created if you don’t want to make your own. As far as “Your Top Songs” go, there is a specific component for this that can be decided based off how far back you’d like to go, like best of the month, the year or all-time.COOOL STUFFOne of the circuits I threw together took my largest playlist containing pretty much everything I listen to and filtered in down by BPM and “danceability.” The skill-ceiling for this site is higher than what I can demonstrate but it’s a simple way to create and customize playlists. I suggest playing around with it some and share what you create!


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