How a nobody from nowhere began writing about somebodies from somewhere (relatively) Pt. 1

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I first started musing with the idea of becoming a writer after my podunk colleges’ newspaper let me write a couple album reviews and news items for them. My confidence was growing as well as my addiction to music journalism, but what set my mind on music journalism as a career came when the paper’s advisor approached me about setting up an interview with a band of my choice.

Of course, my naive self could only think to say “I can do that?” in response.

Now I understand the possibilities college press opens up for you and manipulative nature of newspapers recruiting strategies. It’s all part of a ruse to reel in young and usually sucky writers such as myself into doing more for the paper to keep it afloat until real talent shows up. But it was also more than that.

It was a call to try something new. It was a chance to get out of my comfort zone and experiment; and what better time to do that than freshman year of college?

I remember going back to my dorm that night and searching for hours on Spotify for a band with fewer than 10,000 monthly listeners. I was looking for a band I knew would likely say “yes” to any and all publicity they could get and also a band I could pretend to enjoy enough to actually get through the assignment.

Finding that level of obscurity and talent in a band was a struggle (who would’ve guessed, right?). I eventually checked out the discovery playlist Spotify curates for subscribers and landed on this little gem here.

This four-person, avant-garde troupe based out of Portland fit the target listening count I was looking for at the time and I guessed they were a laid-back group from their star wars t-shirts and unassuming looks (sorry guys if y’all read this. You looked cool to me!). I wasn’t expecting to check every box I set so confidently but I knew I had the band.

Cliff-hanger time: I know most people won’t read on to the second part of this (it’s a silly expectation to have that people would want to read this anyway) but I’d rather split this into two shorter pieces I can give more attention two than one long piece with a rushed conclusion.

Also, I’d like to post more consistently and this seems like a better way to work it. Anyway, to my couple of regular readers and other readers who I also appreciate greatly, thank you for the time and be on the look-out for the part 2 where I get into the interview as well as the final result.

Feature photo courtesy of Shelby Evans: Check her work out here



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